Population growth, longer working hours and the rise of ubiquitous technology is changing the way we live. For many, the modern lifestyle is fast-paced and time-poor. Residential design now must balance the need for higher density housing with people's shifting priorities. With new houses and apartments being designed to maximise indoor living space, outdoor gardens are rapidly disappearing from our lifestyle. Traditional gardens on large blocks are making way for granny flats, subdivisions and covered extensions of the house.

But people still (perhaps now more than ever) want to be surrounded by greenery. The demand for greening up small spaces presents a raft of new opportunities. Landscapers and interior plantscapers offering a greenwall solution are perfectly positioned to capitalise on this growing market segment.

Vicinity Greenwall is the only vertical garden system that can meet a broad range of applications in the home and office environments. It's simple to install, even easier to maintain, and can be scaled to fit any size wall.

The unique system also gives an instant greenwall effect a feature that is in high demand from clients who want a full, lush vertical garden from installation day. Think private verandahs and outdoor dining spaces, office meeting areas and special events such as weddings.

Beautify small spaces

Try to introduce floor pot plants in small living areas and you'll quickly crowd the space. But limited space doesn't have to mean zero green life. Any wall space can be used to install a Vicinity Greenwall. The leak-proof system is absolutely at home indoors as it is outside.

For cooking enthusiasts, the system can be used to create a small edible food garden. Perfect for quick access to herbs, lettuce, spring onions and more without taking up floor or garden space with veggie pots or plots.

vertical vegetable garden
Grow veggies and herbs even when floor space is limited

Transform a dreary wall or fence with a decorative vertical garden. This works just as well in building entrances for generating ambience and a sense of place as for the humble courtyard dining area.

If there is an ugly supporting column invading the corner of a room, Vicinity Greenwall can 'wrap around' to cover it with decorative plants. This is a creative way to turn an awkward corner space into an oasis of green.

Column Vicinity Greenwall
Vicinity Greenwall can even work on a column

Create refreshing communal spaces

Communal living areas are on the rise with the burgeoning of higher density developments. Smaller private spaces in apartment buildings are balanced with shared open areas. Rooftop gardens for high-rise developments - and shared courtyards in small unit developments are becoming more popular. These planned shared spaces give residents opportunities to take time out, socialise, grow veggies and soak up nature.

Shared edible gardens are not only popping up in residential communities, they are now an integral part of many retirement villages and primary schools across Australia. Growing fresh food communally provides social benefits that are just as valuable as the produce that is harvested. Importantly, planting gardens on the wall doesn't encroach on valuable recreation space.

Meanwhile, a decorative greenwall placed in a building entrance is an attractive way to welcome residents and visitors, as well as lending strong street appeal, noise abatement, insulation and biophilic benefits. Plant selection is critical to keeping a decorative vertical garden looking good. (See our plant recommendations for a sustainable greenwall.)

Promote wellbeing at work

Work space designers are mindful of creating places where people feel calm, inspired and healthy. Bringing greenery into office areas is one of the best ways to achieve this. Vertical gardens are the most versatile option for work environments where floor space is at a premium. Not only valued for their decorative benefit, office greenwalls can be practical installations. Vicinity Greenwall can be used as zone dividers within an open space, whiteboards (on the reverse side), and food greenwalls in staff kitchens. Creating an interactive and social experience around a natural element promotes wellbeing and productivity benefits you can't get from decorating with artificial greenwalls.

Vicinity Greenwall in living space
Greenwalls create inspiring, healthy work spaces

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