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These glazed ceramic pots come from Yixing in Jiangsu province, west of Shanghai, which has been home to pottery making for many hundreds of years. Once world famous for their bonsai pots, the factories have, in recent years turned their skills to larger garden pots and planters in glazes unique to the area.

Glazed pots all have crazing which is almost invisible to the eye but can become more apparent over time with the build-up of mineral deposits from the potting mix which seep through the sides of the pot. This is easily removed by lightly rubbing with dry fine steel wool available from all hardware stores. The use of this fine steel wool will remove the mineral deposits and not damage the glaze.

To clean use a mild soapy water and a soft bristle brush or rag. Avoid harsh chemical and abrasives.

Plants such as bamboo, strelitzia, and other vigorous rooted plants will eventually outgrow and damage the planter if not repotted as they become too large. Failure to do so may void warranty.

Finishes may vary from those shown in picture.