Vicinity Greenwall Modular Vertical Garden

A revolutionary automated modular system that takes the hassle and risk out of vertical gardens.

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As soon as you demonstrated its working, I knew this would be a system that we could work with. With my travels to trade shows around the world, I felt this was the best I had seen. We immediately we put a sales strategy together and two years later we have over 50 sites and 700m2 of green walls that we maintain. The target is to reach 1km2 in the next 12 months. The system is easy to install and maintain with remote monitoring that as an added bonus.

So, its without hesitation that I am happy to put our name behind your product and provide a testimony to its success as a green wall product.

The Vicinity Modular Vertical Garden system has really revolutionised the way that we as a company operate, and has given us more sales options. The simplicity of the product design took the hassle out of Living Green Wall’s projects and mitigated the risks.

Its obvious benefits include easy to install, full coverage at installation, and reduced plant loss because of the early warning alert system. Another nice feature is that it is modular giving use the option to change the plant design at any stage and to easily replace any plants that may have died at any point.

Glasshaus has used the Vicinity Greenwall System on multiple commercial and residential projects. We believe it is the best vertical top-to-bottom drainage style greenwall on the market. Easy to install and maintain, the Vicinity Greenwall System enables immediate impact with its clever hexagonal design.

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