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This range of Topline pots, planters and balcony troughs is made from Poly Fibre Stone being a mixture of poly resin, stone powder and adhesives along with fibre mat to strengthen the body and connect the layers.

There is no cement of any type in this product making it extremely light weight and suitable for balcony gardens and rooftops.

The lined finish (vertical for square and rectangular and horizontal for round pots) gives this range a uniquely crisp and stylish appearance. The built-in feet serve to both enhance the appearance as well as aid drainage and protect supporting decks. On the larger cubes the feet allow for relocation of the pots by forklift which is a major advantage in public space areas and shopping centres.

Having tested this range for more than a year as plant and water containers in all weathers we have found it to be surprisingly stable and resistant to the deterioration that can affect other lesser light weight products

The grey finish is the natural result of the combination of the above elements while the black is a durable matt painted finish.

Plants such as bamboo, strelitzia, and other vigorous rooted plants will eventually outgrow and damage the planter if not repotted as they become too large. Failure to do so may void warranty.

Finishes may vary from those shown in picture.