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These cheap and cheerful terracotta pots and urns in timeless shapes are made to look naturally aged and will age further with use in the garden. They are fired in traditional kilns using cast-off rice husk for fuel. The resulting pots, while relatively inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing, are reasonably soft with a flaky surface, so extra care is required when shipping long distances.

The product has a limited lifespan compared to our other ranges and after a few years the surface may start to deteriorate in the weather due to their softness but you can expect at least five years of good use.

Not suitable for frost prone areas.

Plants such as bamboo, strelitzia, and other vigorous rooted plants will eventually outgrow and damage the planter if not repotted as they become too large. Failure to do so may void warranty.

Finishes may vary from the photographs shown.