Greenwall Configuration Hand Water

Hand Water/Manual care

For those who prefer hands-on garden care, or for spaces without plumbed water supply, you’ll just need the basic kit – no tanks, pump or timer required. Just install the frame and the pots and you’re good to go. As you’ll be irrigating by hand, ensure there is sufficient drainage below the greenwall to absorb water run-off. Select a stylish trough planter from our pot range.

Greenwall Configuration Tap Water

Connected to tap

With nearby water supply, Vicinity Greenwall is easily connected to a tap and timer for controlled irrigation. You will still need drainage below to catch the water run-off, but you won’t need to dust off the watering can to keep your plants thriving.

Greenwall Configuration Pump Water

Fully automated

With water and power supply, irrigation can be fully automated via a pump, tanks and timer. This means you won’t need external drainage as the water is recycled through the system. Use this configuration when there is no way to collect run off, when extra nutrients need to flow through the system (e.g. for growing food) or to optimise water usage by recycling it through the system.

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All you need to install (DIY and landscaper), plant and maintain.
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