For anyone working in the world of design landscape, interior or architectural basic principles always underpin their creative approach. These include (among others) colour, form, scale, line, texture and repetition. Working outside the fundamentals of what makes a pleasing design might be seen as cutting edge by some, but the result is likely to disappoint the client. In reality, ignoring proven design principles is just flirting with disaster.

One design cornerstone that always works beautifully is proximity. In garden design, this can be achieved by grouping similar elements such as plants, pots or colours to balance the landscape and create a focal point. Creating relationship between key elements is an effective way to organise a design theme.

Grouped pots also lend a rich framework for plantings that will lift or echo the overall landscape design. The effect is very different from using a single pot. Notably, proximal pots create visual depth, great for enhancing small spaces or dressing up lackluster corners of the garden.

Our diverse pot ranges give you a wide scope for creating a unifying effect in your next design project. Browsing might take you a while… you might like to start here for some pot grouping ideas.

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Baked Earth range Terracotta Florentine and Camelia pots

Unglazed Coronios Jar and rustic Citrus pots