Many interior plantscapers exclude green walls from their clients designs and for good reason. Traditional green wall products can cause major headaches: plant loss, maintenance difficulties and complex installation among them.

However, all that is about to change.

The Vicinity Greenwall gives plantscapers a unique opportunity to effortlessly expand service and product offerings to clients by including a superior green wall option. The modular design of the Vicinity Greenwall system makes it the easiest green wall system to install on the market. This opens up new business opportunities that were previously out of reach.

Vicinity Greenwalls unique modular design means you can have a lush green wall easily assembled in a single day. Its simplicity eliminates the need for studying complicated instructions or investing in staff training. In fact, clients have successfully installed the system themselves when no expertise was available.

Plantscapers who adopt this system as part of their product offering are set to become among the first Vicinity Greenwall experts in the country.

New Ideas For Old Clients

Adding Vicinity Greenwall to your services provides a simple but impressive way to offer new design ideas for clients. Easily adapted to a range of different applications, Vicinity Greenwall can be used for:

  • striking green wall entrances
  • greening dark or awkward spaces with limited floorspace
  • breaking up large spaces to create flexible meeting, conference or work areas
  • beautifying balconies or rooftops.

Hello, New Clients!

Anticipating industry trends and offering only the best products keeps smart professionals ahead of the pack. For plantscapers, strong reputations and new business referrals are generated by giving clients a design that they rave about. With Vicinity Greenwall, your clients can achieve a stunning, sustainable effect with none of the headaches. Theyll be singing your praises for a long time to come.

For more information about Vicinity Greenwall, download the brochure here.