Three huge black egg pots stand proudly in this beautiful Melbourne garden. Their scale and proximity provide structure to a uniform garden bed, and create a perfect canvas for multiple planting layers. Designed by Jane Jones Landscapes, the garden is a sumptuous visual feast of succulents, flowering plants and prostrates that waterfall over the side of the giant Geo Rok pots. The highly textured and colourful effect simply calls out to be admired.

The black soft matte finish of the egg-shaped planters echos the drama of their giant size. Undeniably statement pieces, styled in this way these black pots frame the plants beautifully.

Designers know why this combination works: black highlights key colours in a design, is the perfect backdrop for greenery, and gives depth to the garden. It draws the focus towards foliage and helps the eye to quickly distinguish various shades of green. Leaves with yellow-green or blue-green hues are more easily seen, giving a deep lush quality to the landscape.

Whether youre considering pots for indoor styling or exterior landscaping, its important to get the colour choice right. Black, in particular, requires careful consideration of the space, surrounding structures and the clients personal taste. If the design goal is an abundantly verdant garden, you cant go wrong with dark-coloured pots and planters.

Contrasting the dark tone with light, colourful plants is a skillful way to build a decorative garden. Its also important to create a relationship between black pots and surrounding elements perhaps a dark fence, gate, building accent, pool tiles or window trim colour.

Pietro Stoneware Straited Anduze Urns
Pietro Stoneware Straited Anduze Urns

Our black Pietro Stoneware Straited Anduze Urn is the perfect choice in this domestic landscape project designed by Ian Barker Design. Contrasting with the exterior house walls, the urns black colour highlights its graceful curves and twisted striated pattern. Placed at the top of stairs, these two urns lend symmetry and sophistication to the outdoor area, encompassed by a spectacular woodland garden.

Pietro Stoneware Straited Anduze Urns
See these urns shine in a different, but equally beautiful, garden

Commercial projects/spaces often stage black oversized pots for entryways and common areas. The epitome of glamorous style, these black Geo Rok lightweight planters used in a Westfield shopping centre carpark hints at the aspirational luxury of the stores within. The pots beauty is matched by their grandeur which provides a visual cue to safely direct foot traffic and signal the mall entry.

Geo Rok Lightweight Kensington Bowls
Geo Rok Lightweight Kensington Bowls, landscape designed by Scentre Group

If black pots and planters dont already feature in your projects, you might want to play with its possibilities. Whether used in contemporary or classic designs, black brings a refined quality to landscapes that never goes out of style.

To find the perfect pot for your next project, search black on our website to find all the pots in our range that are available in black.