Vicinity Greenwall is gaining popularity around the globe for its versatility and adaptability. Canadian urban farmer Curtis Stone recently trialled Vicinity Greenwall to grow micro basil in his greenhouse, and shared his experience on YouTube for the world to see. Check it out here:

In the video Stone explains how he modified the system to suit his particular requirements, opting for a manual timer over the automated system for controlling irrigation. His delight in the thriving basil crop is evident as he demonstrates how the systems water reticulation maintains perfect soil moisture.

Its great to see Vicinity Greenwall being recruited for food production a very different context to the decorative vertical garden for which its already well known. The products modular design means that it can be scaled up to suit a range of needs, from the humble kitchen garden right through to a busy commercial restaurant. Its proven potential for reliably growing food in small or difficult spaces will have exciting consequences for a range of applications.

Stone is impressed with the systems simplicity, with the pots containing just bags of soil that we put our basil transplants into. He also gives us a timely reminder that all plants are vulnerable to the threat of insect infestations or diseases, regardless of whether theyre growing in a garden bed or a greenwall. He has recently struggled with an aphid problem that affected his entire greenhouse plant population. Countered by introducing ladybugs, his greenhouse ecosystem is once again in balance and all the plants are thriving including the Vinicity Greenwall basil. Chuffed with its progress, Curtis beams, The crop is growing well and Im stoked to be harvesting it soon!

The fundamentals of growing healthy plants are timeless. Vicinity Greenwall just makes it much easier.