If you need a versatile planter, its hard to go past the classic trough shape. The trough can be deployed in so many different ways, within interiors and exterior landscapes. Its straight edges and reliable rectangular shape lend practical beauty for all types of gardens and living spaces.

Effective at any scale, trough planters bring a solid, reliable feel to any setting domestic, commercial or public. The trough shape is the king of form and function. Consider the abundant uses of the trough in your designs...

Privacy and screening

  • For exposed spaces requiring privacy from neighbours or street frontages, troughs can be lined up along walls, buildings and fences, and planted with a fast-growing or mature screening hedge species.
  • Low level privacy for glass-walled balconies can be achieved by lining up troughs against the glass. Goodbye neighbours! This also brings a touch of greenery indoors.

Safety barriers and zoning

  • Use troughs to form a poolside boundary, or an aesthetically pleasing safety border along the edges of a rooftop or balcony garden. A more attractive alternative to fencing or railings.
  • Build a freestanding low wall across open spaces to create zones inside or out. Line up troughs behind a couch and plant with mid-height species to properly define a lounge area. This is also a great way to physically separate garden areas from a pool or outdoor dining space, while keeping the whole space visually open.
  • Direct foot traffic from house to garden, or along an entryway, with a uniform line of stylish troughs. Vary the effect by playing with the spacing between planters: touching end-to-end or with generous gaps between.
Khlila Cube High Slim Cassettas and Square
Khlila Cube High Slim Cassettas and Square

How does your garden grow?

Beyond their practical applications, trough planters set the stage for introducing stunning greenery or a thriving produce garden indoors and out:

  • Use troughs to create a raised kitchen garden set these in a grid pattern to optimise access to fresh produce.
  • Narrow rectangular troughs fit tight spaces that cannot accommodate larger troughts, a garden bed or round-shaped pots. Herb garden, anyone?
  • Troughs are a space-saving device for bringing greenery into transit areas such as stair landings and hallways.
  • Line a pathway with troughs planted with fragrant species to provide stimulating botanical scents for passersby.
  • When space is at a premium (such as on balconies), troughs can be placed directly against the wall or balcony edge. They can fit into corners, utilising available space in a way that round pots cant. Placing troughs to the edge of a space extends its apparent size, especially if the planting is soft and blurred.
  • Use troughs beneath a greenwall without reticulation; water runoff from the greenwall irrigates plants living in the trough. Used this way, troughs also provide a solid visual base line for the greenwall.
Geo Rok Urban lightweight planters
Geo Rok Urban lightweight planters

As with any decorative garden container, attention to its placement, proximity and symmetry will ensure a successful result. Equally important to the choice of trough is plant selection. Create a striking effect by contrasting plant colour with trough colour. Lightweight troughs planted with decorative specimens look fabulous on a balcony or outdoor deck. Likewise, succulents and bright green foliage sit beautifully in charcoal planters.

With a huge range of materials and colours in our trough range, its easy to complement surrounding furniture and decor for any project. Durable, lightweight options are well suited to balcony or rooftop settings. Our lightweight troughs from the Geo Rok range have stood the test of time on a Melbourne rooftop balcony for years now. Read more about this project here.

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