Justine Carlile LANDSCAPEdesign has been creating innovative landscapes that merge client’s ideas and lifestyle with functionality, and creative design for more than 10 years. The team offer a wealth of experience and passion for design and beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces that are to be enjoyed, admired and lived in.

Justine Carlile, Justine Carlile Landscape Design

What sparked your career in landscape design?

I simply followed my passion for plants, gardens and design, both indoor and outdoor. It's something I always knew I wanted to do for a living.

What helps your creative process?

We've spent a lot of time travelling overseas and exploring beautiful gardens, especially around England, southern France, Tuscany, Japan, Singapore, China and Hong Kong. I love to visit the Chelsea Garden Show for inspiration. At home, I try to get to as many Australian open gardens as I can – it’s easy to be inspired by our own beautiful landscapes. Resort holidays are also wonderful way to gather creative ideas for swimming pool and alfresco designs.

How do you keep your work fresh or unique?

We are known for creating new and innovative gardens that are specifically designed for the individual. No cookie cutters in sight! However, it’s interesting to see that clients who are referred to me by their friends will then view my website, Instagram and Houzz pages and often select a few key items they love from my previous projects. Clients universally adore the way we use timber as a strong feature in the garden and how this creates very warm, usable outdoor spaces.

Is your design process client led, or do you endeavour to include your own style?

The design process starts by meeting the client and understanding their lifestyle, preferences and how they want to use their space. From that point I will design a landscape that not only exceeds the client's expectations but allows me to add design elements based on my extensive design and horticultural experience.

What are your tips for linking an exterior space with the interiors of a home?

Seamlessly linking internal spaces with the outdoors is one our specialities. This works particularly well if we're engaged while the owner is working with the house architect – we can then confidently deliver a fabulous result. We like to create a flow and, ideally, uninterrupted views of the garden and swimming pool from inside the house. Small alfresco areas congest access to the swimming pool and garden, so we encourage larger walk-through alfresco spaces. Using different textures creates warmth throughout the garden and can echo this feel from the indoors. Timber and feature stone cladding can also make a beautiful visual statement that will not date (if done correctly!).

What trends do you see in the industry that excite you?

Anything to do with natural materials, such as stone and timber and different timber profiles. I love to see new paving products and the introduction of new colour palettes. Currently it's very exciting to see so much interest in kitchen gardens; I think having one's own edible garden will become very popular.

Do you have favourite go-to plants that tend to appear in most designs, or is every garden a unique horticultural adventure?

Plant selection for each garden really should be a unique horticulture adventure! This is because the chosen plants must take into consideration the client's aspirations, the site's built structures, soil and drainage, aspect, as well as local environmental conditions. This is why the process is so tailored to each client.

While we’re on favourites, which pot(s) from the Martin Kellock collection are you fond of and why?

Where would I start!! I love them all! I tend to use a lot of feature bowls throughout our gardens that will give an area a 'WOW'. It's hard to go past the Atlantis and Thai ranges for interest, texture and flexibility – they work equally well in contemporary gardens as they do in more formal and Tuscan gardens.