Vicinity Greenwall is by far the easiest commercial grade green wall product on the Australian market. Its straightforward six-step construction ensures a relatively foolproof and mess-free installation.

Modular hardware allows you to assemble a vertical garden quickly and effortlessly compared to other systems, while the pre-engineered irrigation system guarantees reliable watering. Theres no need to design a new system for every project.

Even plantscapers with limited greenwall experience are successfully installing beautiful creations for their clients without the need for technical training. Vicinitys simple instructions and clear drawings demystify the process, giving more plantscapers confidence to add greenwalls to their offering.

Were pleased to go one better bringing you an updated installation guide for an even smoother Vicinity experience. Elegant diagrams lead you visually through the process, giving greater clarity for each step. The guide also explains how to install the new Vicinity filtration system.

The guide is available on our website, so youll never need to hunt down paper instructions accidentally buried under a pile of soil. For those who like the personal touch, we are always on hand for additional phone support.

To see just how easy it is to install a gorgeous Vicinity Greenwall, check out the installation overview here, as well as this striking DIY creation in a recent Queensland residential development.