We are thrilled to announce that Matthew Pittard from Addicted to Gardens has recently taken up Vicinity Greenwall distributorship in the Sydney area. Blending his passion for conservation with his strong landscaping expertise has seen Matthew build a successful business servicing the Sutherland Shire.

Encompassing Vicinity Greenwall into his offering was an easy decision. As Matthew explains, "I researched every vertical garden system on the market and was disappointed with what I found. Then I discovered Vicinity Greenwall and was excited by what it can achieve and how easy it is to use."

In what ways is Vicinity Greenwall a superior option compared with other systems on the market? It's a big call, so one worth validating. We asked Matthew for his take on it: "Most greenwalls are bag systems that require you to climb up onto the wall to plant into the bag. Problems come when roots get intertwined. When one plant doesn't do well, you're up a ladder again trying to drag it out from the roots of the surrounding plants. Its just a nightmare."

Other key concerns Matthew had about competitor systems included longevity, maintenance requirements, and difficult repairs if something goes wrong. He couldnt see these systems being viable for his business.

In contrast, Vicinity Greenwall offered a solution to all these issues. Matt says, "the hexagonal pots are nested close together which gives you immediate impact beautiful lush greenery from installation day. Other systems reveal the supporting hardware behind and between the plants which detracts from the overall look of the newly planted wall."

The unique way Vicinity Greenwall displays plants was also highly attractive: "Usually pots are positioned completely upright and so present plants from the side-on view. Vicinity Greenwall tilts the plants into a forward-facing position which shows off the most beautiful aspect of the plant."

But it's the ease of installation and maintenance that makes Vicinity Greenwall a truly flexible system. Matt was captured by "the simplicity of being able to clip each individual pot on an off and rearrange your plants on the wall. If you decide you want a bit more yellow here or burgundy there, just clip them off and clip them straight back on and away you go!" This aspect of the system also makes changing and replacing plants a quick and mess-free exercise.

The simple irrigation system and pot shape have been designed to ensure all plants receive even watering. Matthew has seen first-hand the success of this system: "What I really love is that we're not only recycling water, but also recycling the fertiliser throughout the plants. One of my greenwalls has been going for about 10 months now and I wouldn't even think about fertilising for at least another six months."

Addicted to Gardens has long-term expertise in narrow space landscaping and Vicinity Greenwall enhances this speciality. With less space available for gardens on most new residential subdivisions, a greenwall is often the only sustainable option for green life. Landscaping around pools presents a similar challenge, as Matthew explains: "Often there is only an 800mm space available at the back of the pool and most of this is taken up with a large paver. Planting in the ground can result in large roots that crack pavers and push down fences. A Vicinity Greenwall is never going to get out of control."

Matthew's early career in financial planning means he's got a good head for numbers. He recognised not only a great product in Vicinity Greenwall but also an unprecedented market opportunity for bringing greenwalls to a much wider audience. Matthew is experiencing a growing demand for greenwalls across his territory and sees exponential opportunity for installers, retailers and other regional distributors who adopt the system. "I want to maintain a successful, sustainable business so I will only use a product that I believe in 100%."

At a recent Vicinity Greenwall event held for landscapers in Melbourne, Matthew revealed why the system can be a great addition to landscaping businesses:

It gives you a real-world solution for new and existing clients to green up any narrow spaces or blank walls they might want greened up.

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