Experienced plantscapers know all too well how troublesome green wall products can be. Installation is messy, planting is cumbersome, and maintenance can be a nightmare. Worst of all, a successful result is never guaranteed.

Most green wall products on the market today suffer high rates of plant death due to overcomplicated irrigation methods and difficulty accessing plants for feeding and monitoring. They rely on vigilant manual intervention a difficult task for most plantscapers and their clients.

Although green walls are a great option in theory, the impractical reality of traditional product designs sees plantscapers hesitating to offer it to their clients.

Until now.

Vicinity Greenwall is a revolutionary product newly arrived in Australia. And its ease-of-use is about to crack the indoor plantscaping market wide open. Vicinity Greenwall is an intelligently designed green wall system that:

  • is simple to assemble and install
  • does not require specialist training
  • gives an instant, reliably lasting effect
  • uses an effortless irrigation system, and
  • can be located anywhere including small, dark areas.

Vicinity Greenwall single-handedly eliminates all the problems of traditional green wall products.

A Green Wall For Every Client

The launch of Vicinity Greenwall now presents a whole new range of options for plantscapers to expand their business. Clients who previously could not have considered greening their indoors due to restricted space or natural light can easily use Vicinity Greenwall. This modular, plug-and-play product enjoys its own regulated lighting system that encourages plant growth and highlights spectacular foliage in any area.

Vicinity Greenwalls versatility puts it way ahead of other green wall systems, offering you imaginative ways to green problem spaces.

Its time to start greening those spaces the easy way!

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