White pots can make a powerfully stylish statement. By following a few simple rules of white you can create a memorable indoor or outdoor oasis and avoid a total washout. Here are some design tips for getting the white wow factor:

  • Harmonious design is created by matching the pot colour to at least one colour within the surrounding palette. Think: floor, wall or trim. For example, white pots placed on a white floor makes a space look bigger.
  • Pots with interesting texture and character are increasingly popular, but choose classic pot shapes so the beauty of the plant takes centre stage.
  • Employ a trick-of-the-eye to extend the sightlines of a light-coloured garden path by placing a large white pot at the paths end.

Whether for an interior statement piece or a major landscape design, using white pots and planters signals a bold design choice thats bound to turn heads for all the right reasons.

For more inspiration, browse our White Collection of pots. With such a huge variety of styles in white, there really is something to suit every design.