The sleek lines, textures and hues of concrete within a modern garden are hard to beat. Whether its the backdrop of a rendered wall or a focal point using a statement pot or sculpture, concrete lends a sophisticated flavour that draws the eye. Well made concrete planters will also last for decades.

Theres no denying that concrete accents are on-trend right now for landscape design. Modern architecture continues to drive demand for minimalistic designs that encompass simple lines, solid colours and muted tones. Natural finishes such as concrete suit these qualities perfectly.

But using concrete-fabricated pots and planters comes with challenges, not least of which is their very heavy weight. For areas that cannot withstand extreme weight, such as balconies or rooftop gardens, concrete simply cannot be used. Other downsides are concretes relatively high cost and tendency to leach lime which can stain coloured concrete.

What if the same gorgeous look of concrete could be achieved without the hassles of using the actual material? Imagine having a choice of pots that are lightweight, easy to move around, come in a range of stylish shapes and textures... and look similar to concrete?

Luckily, you dont have to dream about it theyre here and ready to grace even the finest modern garden design. Welcome to the beautifully versatile Topline range.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, Topline pots, planters and balcony troughs are represented in gorgeous shapes that can adapt to any setting. The choice of striated textures adds depth, while cool greys and blacks help to create structural calm for thoughtful horticultural designs.

The range is made from Poly Fibre Stone, being a mixture of poly resin, stone powder and adhesives along with fibre mat to strengthen the body and connect the layers. The striated/lined finish gives this range a uniquely crisp and stylish appearance.

Topline ushers in an easier and more affordable option for plantscapers to introduce the concrete effect in their client designs. With a similar look and feel to our popular Metro Light range, the Topline pots go one better with their instant readiness for external use. They dont require any pre-treatment for weather proofing, such as painting or sealing.

So whether your client wants to soften the edges of a balcony with greenery planted in restful concrete tones, or requests a massive concrete centrepiece in the middle of their garden, you can deliver the goods without hiring a crane!

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