The Gardens and Grounds Project at Austin Health focuses on increasing gardens and connections to nature across its three major sites for the benefit of patients, visitors and staff. Gardens form part of the therapeutic environment of the organisation and doctoral research undertaken in this setting shows that gardens provide positive benefits and are valued by those who use them. The development of garden projects with a strong focus on patient, visitor and staff benefits provides positive outcomes for all. All garden projects are achieved through the support and generosity of donations from the community.

The Gardens and Grounds Project at Austin Health is an innovative greening initiative within the public healthcare domain with the following objectives:

  • To go beyond the environmental benefits of greening and consider the therapeutic benefits that green spaces provide for patients, visitors and staff
  • To assist with providing a holistic approach to patient care
  • To invest in our staff

Research shows that access to the natural environment improves health and well-being, as well as preventing disease and assisting recovery. Research supports that effectively implemented garden environments within healthcare facilities have the capacity to provide improved physical, emotional and psychological outcomes for patients and assist with patient and staff satisfaction.

Austin Health is the major provider of tertiary health services, health professional education and research in the northeast of Melbourne, Australia. Our organisation comprises Austin Hospital, Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital and the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre.

We are committed to building a strong sustainable future. Sustainability and the environment are integral elements of our Strategic Plan. Through our Environmental Management Strategy we are committed to achieving a reduction in resource consumption and waste volume and an increase in greening initiatives.

Projects by Gardens and Grounds Project at Austin Health

Using Nature To Ease The Hospital Experience

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