Small courtyards, narrow easements, tiny rooftops and that really tricky space outside your clients kitchen window. Spaces that have suffered long enough from the myth that its too small for a garden. While most people are familiar with vertical gardens, this option can be quickly dismissed if the available wall space seems awkward or inaccessible.

Other widespread beliefs preventing small-space vertical gardens are that greenwalls are complex, high-maintenance, expensive or require specialist expertise. While this can be true of conventional systems, Vicinity Greenwall is the only system to have completely busted these myths.

A recent Vicinity Greenwall installation has helped a working Sydney couple complement the minimalist lines of their small courtyard with a flourishing garden. Initially they assumed pots would have to be used, but were concerned this would take up valuable outdoor play space for their young children. The team at Landsberg Garden Design suggested a greenwall which would be framed by the sleek courtyard walls, creating a living wall of art.

The possibilities to beautify awkward spaces are endless. If your client has just a single square meter of wall space, this can be transformed into a productive veggie/herb garden with only 40 pots and a simple irrigation system connected to a tap. The flexible Vicinity Greenwall system is ideal for turning a drab fence into an edible kitchen garden or an unused shady area into a fern grove. An optional timer can be fitted to ensure regular watering keeps plants thriving. For balconies and other areas that cant drain water runoff from the garden, the addition of collection tanks and a pump will recycle the water through the plants.


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